A photo of Ama, a white non-binary femme with shoulder-length brown hair, glasses, and earrings, holding a white baby who is looking into the distance. Ama is grinning.Doulas are professionals trained to provide emotional, physical, and educational support throughout your reproductive health journey. As a doula, I am supportive, calm, and non-judgmental. My goal is to support you in making the decisions you want for your body, your family, and your well-being. It is my role to amplify your voice and help you think through what you want, but never to make decisions for you or push you towards a certain decision.


Pricing depends on the type of service you would like and the number of sessions you would like. I offer birth doula and postpartum doula services on a sliding scale based on your income. If you are Black and/or Indigenous, all services are provided at a discount. Contact me for a meet & greet session to ask any questions you have and to discuss pricing.


Birth Doula Services

As a birth doula, I provide clients with 3-4 appointments in the period leading up to birth. In these appointments, we will discuss your hopes for birth, create a birth plan, answer questions, and prepare you for birth. For people in Chicago, these sessions take place in the setting that makes you feel the most comfortable. For people beyond Chicago, these sessions will be virtual. I provide support to birthing people in any birth setting, in both medicated and non-medicated births, and in both surgical and vaginal births. 

Once we decide to work together, I will be available to you 24/7 by text or phone call. I can answer questions you have, accompany you to appointments, help you process your feelings,  train your birth partner – anything you need. For people in Chicago, I will join you at your home for early labor and will accompany you to the place you will give birth. I stay by your side throughout labor and delivery, providing emotional and physical support and helping you amplify your voice to your care team. I will stay for a few hours after you give birth to assist you in this important time. I will also meet with you two to three times after you give birth to help you process your birth experience, provide referrals as needed, and monitor your well-being. 

If you are outside of Chicago, I am experienced with providing virtual birth doula care. I include extra prenatal sessions to train your in-person birth partner with what they need to support you emotionally and physically throughout labor and delivery.

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Postpartum Doula Services

It takes a village to raise a child, and I would love to be A photo of Ama, a white non-binary femme, standing over a couch with a baby on a baby pad. A white cis man lies on couch and watches Ama. A Black cis woman watches Ama as she models a form of swaddling.part of your village. As a postpartum doula, I provide support to you and your family after you give birth. My goal is to help you feel confident, comfortable, and heard as you transition to having a new child. I am experienced at providing emotional and practical support to families at this stage, which often includes help with breastfeeding, navigating family relationships and role changes, understanding the shifts happening in your body, forming positive attachments with your child, getting protected sleep, infant soothing, and more. 

You can hire me as your postpartum doula prenatally or after you have given birth. We can discuss the number of sessions you would like. I will also be available via text and phone outside of sessions.

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Sexual & Reproductive Health Counseling & Education

As a trained and experienced peer counselor and educator on all matters sexual and reproductive health, I am equipped to answer questions you have. I frequently discuss contraception options, STIs, sexual violence, consent, sexuality, gender identity, puberty, menstruation, and more. Because our access to sexual and reproductive health education is restricted based on repressive policies, it is completely normal to have questions about these topics. This is a non-judgemental space to ask these questions, which you deserve to have answers to.

Session length varies based on your needs, and I can typically make time to meet with people within 48 hours of contacting me. All sessions are virtual, and I can meet with you regardless of where you live.

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Abortion Doula Services

I provide practical and in-clinic support for people who have decided to have an abortion. I meet with clients before their abortion to go over what to expect and help you in navigating the emotions you may be feeling. I can provide practical support in finding a clinic, making an appointment, and arranging transportation. For clinics that allow accompaniment, I provide physical and emotional comfort and support throughout the procedure. I stay with you after the procedure if you would like in order to provide further support and care as you recover. I do one virtual visit a few days after to check in on how you are feeling and help you process the experience. 

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Body Celebration

As a trans/non-binary person, a smallfat, a disabled person, and a person in recovery from a long-term eating disorder, I have had to learn a great deal about celebrating my body just as it is. This is an essential part of health and well-being at any stage of life, including during pregnancy and postpartum. I meet with clients one-on-one in the place they feel most comfortable to discuss body image, body neutrality, and methods of celebrating the body you have. I am also available to create an embroidery of your body to serve as a reminder that your body, as it is, is art. 

Embroidery by Ama of a pregnant person with their hands cupping their belly. The body is outlined in black and they have stretch marks along their stomach that are pink. 

Your Body is Art, Figure 3 (2021)

An embroidery by Ama of a fat person sitting with their elbow bent on their knee. They are leaning their head on their hand. Their rolls are on display. The body is outlined in black thread on a white background. 

Your Body is Art, Figure 2 (2021)

An embroidery by Ama of a person standing. The person has large breasts and nipples and a round stomach. The body is outlined in black thread and the skin is painted brown. 

Your Body is Art, Figure 5 (2021)

Outside of providing doula services, Ama is also an artist who creates embroideries, weavings, and crocheted amigurumis. Ama is open to making commissions. You can contact her about having an embroidery made to celebrate your body by messaging their art Instagram.


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Accompaniment to OB/GYN Appointments

As a survivor of sexual violence, I have struggled at OB/GYN appointments and know the value of having someone in the room to provide comfort and amplify your voice. I provide accompaniment to OB/GYN appointments for anyone who is interested, including those who don’t have a history of sexual violence. This can look different for every client. For example, I recently accompanied someone to get an IUD placed. Beforehand, we practiced soothing visualizations and discussed how she liked to be comforted. Throughout the appointment, I provided reassurance, helped her get all her questions answered, led comfort methods throughout the procedure, and assisted with her aftercare needs. It is normal to need support. 

For people seeking medical care after sexual violence, I can provide emergency accompaniment, long-term aftercare support, and specialized care referrals depending on your needs.

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Disclaimer: While I am a trained and experienced doula and peer counselor, support I provide is not medical care and should not be taken as a replacement for care or information from your medical team.