Ama was, and continues to be, an amazing support as we began our journey into parenthood! Her calming presence, validation, and knowledge put us at ease. She always knew what to say, and never thought any of our questions were too silly or simple. Her book and resource recommendations were superb, allowing my husband to feel confident in his role as the birth partner and father to be. Not only did she guide us as we led up to birth, but she was a great support for me postpartum, always willing to talk through the emotions and changes that come! We can’t recommend her enough, and feel so grateful to have her as a friend and trusted doula. 

Em & Alexander

A photo of a cis woman and a cis man holding a baby. The man is holding a guitar. They are both looking lovingly at the baby.



A photo of a cis Black woman lying with a baby and a cis white man. They are grinning at the camera.

From the moment we first met with Ama, her warmth, patience, and passion were all so evident and reassuring. As first-time parents, we were totally unsure and nervous about everything, but in the span of about 7 weeks, Ama had us rolling into the hospital feeling as prepared as possible! She listened to our thousands of questions, no matter how random, and always did so with genuine empathy. Her commitment not just to her patients, but to equity and social justice in all aspects of society, made the experience even more incredible. It’s hard to imagine a person who is more pure-hearted and genuinely loves others more than Ama. The day Jocelyn went into labor, she came over immediately and helped guide us through early labor and rode with us on our journey to the hospital. Even while in the hospital, despite COVID restrictions, Ama was there on FaceTime the entire time keeping us centered, calm, and hopeful. Words can’t possibly express how incredible Ama is and how grateful we are for her helping us on our journey to meeting our son Jackson and keeping Jocelyn safe throughout! She is simply the best!

I can honestly say that my experience with Ama allowed me to be SOOO prepared, nurtured, and more educated than I could’ve imagined for my first birthing experience. I HIGHLY recommend her and hope others support her by donating or reaching out to her for services!

Josh & Jocelyn